Storer Boat Kits from John Owens Woodworking, Texas USA

John Owens makes kits for storerboats in Texas and ships anywhere in North America and further afield.

Canoes and the Texas Duck sailboat.

Texas Duck small sailboat kit - J O Woodworks and

He makes kits for several boats.

  • Texas Duck – all the workings of our highly developed 8ft Oz Racer series that has won four PDRacer world championships but still is a great introductory sailing dinghy.  Texas Duck kit Details.
  • Quick Canoe – the very simple 16ft paddling canoe that was built in four hours as a protoype, but takes most mortals two or three weekends to build. Good canoeists have been very impressed with the handling and performance for such a simple hullshape. Quick Canoe kit details.
  • Our beautiful Eureka Canoe design. A classic 16ft paddling canoe with a traditional hullshape. Eureka Canoe kit details.
  • Quick Canoe Electric – powered with an electric outboard or a 2hp outboard it a light canoe for roofracking, but builds fast and easily. Can easily carry a family as it is a bit bigger all round than the average paddling canoe. Quick Canoe Electric kit details.

His business started off building after market and replacement rudders and centreboards for many production boats in the USA – Holder, Dolphin, Montgomery, Sunfish and many more.

J.O. Woodworks has expanded to supplying foils to manufacturers and making several boat kits.

If you are looking for information about choosing which canoe is right for you then this article will help


Kits for Michael Storer Canoe designs usa easy assembly full instructions.

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