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This article was a few years back.  It is now the old storer boats forum but has a wealth of truly useful information and is well worth looking through. Or use the search function to find what you need. The woodwork forum is a great place for Australian boatbuilders too. What types of wood, where to get it. Just brilliant.

However for current discussion we recommend these very active groups on Facebook

Storer Boat Plans Group on Facebook – the overall view

Goat Island Skiff Group on Facebook  – specific for the fast and beautiful 16′ sailboat.

Really Simple Sails Group on Facebook – we make economical and beautiful sails for ours and other boats

Oz Goose Group on Facebook. – simple to build 12ft boat. Looks like a box but with storerboats performance.

Well, I’m excited.

One of the biggest woodwork sites in the universe has decided that it is OK for the Storer Boat Plans FORUM to be on their site.

This is great because there is already a lot of Storer Stuff about

The OZ PDRacer
BETH Sailing Canoe
The NEW ROWBOAT that is being built

There are builder’s reports, places to ask questions, space to put photos.

See you there!

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