Quick Canoe Electric Plan – simple electric trolling motor Cargo Canoe

A new photo of an Electric Quick Canoe by Joe Koenicke – click his name for more Quick Canoe Adventures. It is an easy to build plywood cargo canoe.

Electric powered canoe - roofrackable - 6mph with an electric trolling motor - storer boat plans

Detailed Plan $30 Click on your nearest agent in menu on left or see them listed See menu at the top of the page – this is a new plan so might not be up on all their websites yet, email them if you don’t see the plan.  For a paddling canoe see the Quick Canoe here

Electric canoe plan - daytrip with wife and dog. Simple boat, detailed plan, Lightweight

It is amazing how things fit together sometimes.  Mixing one of my Quick Canoes with an electric trolling motor.

  • Easy to build and cheap materials cost
  • Light Weight in plywood (65lbs – 28kg)
  • Cheap trolling motors are available
  • Many people already have trolling motors
  • Clever builder who adapted the plan
  • Low running cost

15ft 8″ (4.6m) x 39″ (1.03m)

Dirty banana - not really - an environmentally sensitive electric canoe.

The Quick Canoe Electric is not just a cargo canoe with a transom, it is a purpose designed electric boat with plywood canoe simplicity.  It is easily roofrackable – once you take the one or two batteries out! – with a hull weight of around 65lbs.

An electric quick canoe. an easy to roofrack boat. Simple cheap. Boat plan instructions

And it is not my idea!  Dana Stovall contacted me saying he was using my standard Quick Canoe plan but adapting it to use an electric trolling motor he had.  Prices of a similar motor are down around the $200 to $300 mark now.  Much cheaper than a petrol outboard even taking one or two deep cycle batteries into account.

The Quick Canoes build quickly 😉 This clip shows the full process in 6 minutes


He was using the electric trolling motor on a dinghy and getting about 1.5knots and a mile or so out of it – so not effective.  On this boat he gets about 5 to 7mph using the same 34lb Minn Kota trolling motor.  Electric Canoes are faster than a paddled canoe.  Also he is getting quite good range, because the boat is going faster.  When I saw the video I wanted to add the idea to my plan range.

What a great boat!

This cargo canoe has the existing Quick Canoe attributes of being very cheap in materials and very simple to build.

Quick Canoe Electric - a simple cheap electric boat for trolling motor with very detailed plans.

Dana and I talked about using the concept to make a new plan.  The Quick Canoe Electric – the plans are ready and are $30 and very detailed.  The boat comes out of three sheets of plywood*.

(* three sheets is without any built in buoyancy – which can be blocks of foam or built in tanks.  Tanks would cost an extra sheet of ply and there is a basic drawing in the plan for a possible layout.  The boat is OK in small rivers and lakes as in the video, but without buoyancy the weight of the batteries might sink the boat if it capsizes.)

Dana and his plywood electric canoe. Simple and cheap. Use a minn kota or Jarvis walker trolling motor

I ended up following his main ideas but tweaking it a bit to get a little more stability and hit the right numbers for the expected cruising speed.

This plywood electric boat is specifically designed for very low power – the shapes required to go at higher speeds safely are very different from this.

If someone decides to put a 5hp on the back the boat will move along at medium speed with its nose high in the air without ever going fast. the transom might rip off and there is a strong likelihood it will flip if it is cornered sharply.

But with a single horsepower and it bit or an electric motor – it works really well an efficient electric canoe

On his paddling version of the quick canoe, Paul Helbert takes a swimming pool bean bag along so he can maximise the comfort and the stability for hauling fish (or is he just sleeping).

Environmentally sound?

The best thing you can do for the environment is to travel at slower speeds.  With a runabout, this would drive you mad.  But with a boat that looks like a canoe or rowboat you kinda expect travelling speeds of 3 to 4 knots.  The Electric Quick Canoe will be up around the 5 or maybe 6 range.  So it will feel fast.

Also its affect on river banks and other paddlers and canoeists will be minimal as it produces so little wake.

Here is Dan’ s rundown of the video voyage above.

Well I finally finished and took the canoe on her maiden voyage last weekend.  The build took longer than I wanted, but could’nt be helped due to my crazy work schedule.

I made a vew errors like making the outwhales from two pieces instead of one and having the joint on the curve, it wants to seperate.  I will have to find  way to strengthen that.

The other mistake of note was mounting the rear seat too high (corrected in the plan).  My wife and I talked about it and decided that because of the obstacles in the creek (downed trees, submerged logs, etc.) that I should have my seat higher so I could see over the bow.  Turns out she could see them just as well as I could, and my seat height caused stability issues.  Nothing major mind you, but everytime I shifted my wait the canoe would lean in that direction.  It didnt help that our little 15 pound dog climbed on top of the ice chest and ran from side to side to look over the edge.

As soon as we got back from the creek I got to work righting the issue by lowering the seat to the same height as her’s.

I made her seat from a weaved webbing with a removable back support.  She tells me it is very comfortable.  I made mine all together differently.  I wanted to have the ability to pivot so that that I could turn and operate the trolling motor.  (something else I am working on is making a stick steer for the trolling motor so I wont have to turn sideways to operate.)  All complete without trolling motor installed I guessed the weight to be around 60 to 70 pounds.

I was very pleased with the way she sliced through the water. I have a 34 pound thrust Minn Kota trolling motor.  A large deep cycle marine battery that weighs about 50lbs. I weigh about 165 my wife about 105, and my dog about 15 and an ice chest with two bags of ice.  I estimate we were moving along at 5 to 7 knots on full power.  A big difference from our other boat that crawled around 1.5 to 2.

We cruised about 3.5 miles down stream and back up with plenty of battery power left over. Mind you going down stream we didnt need power all the time, just for manuvering around obstacles and setting our course, then we used it for taking side trips up offshoots of the main stream.  Heading back up stream we used full power all the way against the current and still managed 4 to 5 knots.  We were trying to out run a storm that was brewing.

We gave her a name.  The Dirty Banana.

As for range, I will tell you that with two batteries on my old boat, which was basically a box in the water we put 7.2 miles with the trolling motor.  There was still power left in the battery.

Bear in mind when I say 5 to 7, these are just my estimates but I made those estimates by looking at the bank and judging it by a person moving along.  I guessed we were moving at about the speed of someone jogging along the edge.  This of course was the down stream speed with the flow of water.  Heading against the current it was more that of a person walking  at a moderate pace.  Not slow like someone shopping but not fast like someone late for a meeting either.



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12 thoughts on “Quick Canoe Electric Plan – simple electric trolling motor Cargo Canoe

  1. No keel on this version of QC?

    • Hi Joe,

      It does have a keel. It doesn’t have the skegs at the two ends like the paddling version.

      The extra depth might cause strange steering when going downwind in waves at the higher speeds possible with a trolling motor. So kept the keel, but it has been tapered towards the front of the boat.


      Best wishes

      • Ok. I couldn’t see the keel in the photos. I’m looking forward to building one of these this spring. The original QC was a little small for me, my wife, my daughter and my dog! So now we’ll have one of each. My wife will want the motorized one; she don’t care much for paddling…maybe she can tow me and the dog. 😉 I’m looking forwards to more pictures…?
        Joe Koenecke

      • Hi Joe,
        I try to be good about getting photos of the boats up quickly when I get my hands on some.

        Best wishes,

  2. How well would this boat work as a fishing boat for two average sized men roughly 160 pounds each, and fishing gear?

    • Hi Nathan,
      I think it would depend on how much fishing gear 🙂

      But I think it would be well and truly fine. It is wider and deeper than a canoe and has a boxy shape so all these factors will help carry more weight than a similar length canoe.

      Hope that helps

  3. Also, if it is suitable as a fishing boat, would it be able to handle Florida’s coastal gulf waters/salt flats, and rivers well enough to fish on?

    • Hi Nathan,
      Any day it was safe enough to be out there in a paddle canoe, the Quick Canoe Electric will be OK too, providing you have enough charge in the batteries. It will be harder to paddle than a regular canoe, particularly against a strong breeze.

      Also the boat is not drawn with buoyancy tanks (though some are suggested) or foam or airbags. These would be recommended as the weight of the batteries and motor will hamper the boat’s ablility to float if you are swamped. It might not be such a consideration in a small lake or not too big a river, but going out further is always at least a little bit more risky.

      Paul Helbert uses his very narrow Quick Canoe prototype for fishing by using a swimming pool beanbag chair. Comfy AND keeps you weight low in the boat for when you are fighting the fish.

      Best wishes

      Best wishes

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