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Motherlode of Oz Goose videos.

Family sailing, teaching the family to sail, racing, videos of speed sailing records (stands at 13.8 knots currently), building and more.

Just so you can see the good speed, weight carrying ability and predictable handling of the Oz Goose and related boats yourself. Not to mention a capsize video or two to show how quickly they come up … and no water aboard.

OzGoose, OzRacers RV and Mk2 , Ocean Explorer and other Squareboats

This is a playlist showing over 35 videos. They have been ranked for most informative ones first.
sailing boat video playlist youtube.

Click on this icon at top left of video to choose what you want to see.

Here is a video of me in the Philippines with a mighty nosedive at a lot of speed. No water in boat and it sailed out happily without any weird steering tendencies. I did three of these on this day because racing was cancelled and the start boat had a camera aboard 🙂

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