Podcast online – Michael on why Australian Boats are Different – 3 of 3

Beth the sailing canoe is very Australian - light simple and fast.

Beth the sailing canoe is very Australian - light simple and fast.

This podcast/mp3 talks about why Australian (and New Zealand) wooden boatbuilding is different from the rest of the world.

Largely it is because we had an extra 20 years of wooden boat development before fibreglass took over.

Generally our timber racing boats and racing boat classes were half or less than half the weight of similarly sized Northern Hemisphere boats.

Ours averaged about 8 to 10 lbs per foot of length with complete durability.

There is a good reason why this happened but you will have to listen to the podcast!

Also more about design and construction – the details that made such light weights possible.

This ideas have profoundly influenced me and are one of the reasons my boats are different from most others.

Or you can download here

Talk on Boat Building and Design Part 1 – Portland OR.mp3

Further information can be found:

The PDRacer that helped formulate a lot of thing thinking about performance with low cost

Making sailboat rigs work better – mostly lug, lateen and sprit boomed rigs, but relevance to all cheap sailboat rigs.

My wooden boat plans pages

Lots of information about efficient building of boats and how to save time and money.  Discussion of new low cost materials.

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On the "round Australia trip" I found myself employed by a tiny business in Adelaide - Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Adelaide.It was an eye opener - It became clear that one could build a boat for a fraction of the cost of current racing boats.My ideas hinged around high performance, easy building, fun to sail and reasonably cheapToday Storer Boats are built in all countries and we have active groups on Facebook for the following groupsGoat Island Skiff Open Goose Storer Boat plans Really Simple Sails

2 thoughts on “Podcast online – Michael on why Australian Boats are Different – 3 of 3

  1. Hi,
    I like your small cheaper boat design. I belong to a boat club that also may want to make use your plans.
    What I need / want is a sail plan probably to make myself. I have a Kayak with a sail on it but I am interested in a newer/ safe, bigger maybe reefing sail that I can use with a pontoon on the side of my Kayak. I wish I went to your website to begin with. Your ideas are blocked out to the more expensive boats for sale here in the States. mickel150@yahoo.com

    • Hi Mickel,

      Cheapest option is to build something 🙂 . Not sure what you mean that my ideas are “blocked out to the more expensive boats”. A good plan will allow you build something beautiful and effective from the same amount of materials required to build something ugly, heavy and ineffective.

      That difference is where my ideas come from.