USA Interview 1 – Sailing with Thorne, Pirates, black powder and wooden boats

Thorne (aka David Luckhardt) is well known in both wooden boating and historical recreation circles (particularly those involving gunpowder).

He normally lurks around San Francisco, but on this occasion had driven up to Timothy Lake underneath the summit of Mount Hood.

Thornes Simon Watts built Dory with much modified rig.

Thorne's Simon Watts built Dory with much modified rig.

I had the opportunity to interview him about his boat and about being a pirate (or as it turned out a pirate hunter).

Black Powder and cannons explode

Black Powder and cannons explode

I met him at the Lake Timothy Messabout near Portland Oregon. About a dozen small boats gathered and I met a whole bunch of people that I knew about from the net. But meeting them in reality was even better.

My pictures of the boats and people from the event are here.

My written piece about the event is here.

Lake Timothy, Oregon.  Wooden boat messabout

Lake Timothy, Oregon. Wooden boat messabout

One of these men is Thorne, the other is David Graybeal.  They argue about who is the evil twin.

Thorne has the feather.  Sometimes Graybeal steals it.

Thorne has the feather. Sometimes Graybeal steals it.

Thornes sailing dory built by Simon Watts.

Thorne's sailing dory built by Simon Watts.

Anyway Thorne took me for a sail wanting to pick my brains about what to do with his rudder.  He uses tiller lines with a 2:1 purchase to steer, this produces a very gentlemanly sailing posture.

I had my recorder with me so I managed to record two interviews while we were sailing.  The background effects of water and wind in the recording are the real thing.

Interview 1 talks about the boat and how he uses it.  How it was built in a wooden boat building class run by the remarkable Simon Watts who was there at the the beginning of the modern wooden boat building movement and Thorne’s travails in turning a nice little row boat into a equal sail and rowing boat.

Or download to your iPod – the service has a 15 sec delay while it counts down.  Sorry about that but I just found out too.

The second interview is about his addiction to pirating, historical re-enactment of battles, cannons, flintlocks and black powder and more about boats.

It starts with Thorne discussing sailing his Blue Jay with his whole family aboard (including his mum) but quickly devolves to a discussion of matters piratical.

Or download to your iPod

It was my first real shot at an interview and David was an excellent subject and a nice sail!

I have a whole bunch of interviews with other boating people as I travelled around the USA to wooden boat events, museums etc.  More later.

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2 thoughts on “USA Interview 1 – Sailing with Thorne, Pirates, black powder and wooden boats

  1. David Graybeal says:

    What libel! I’ve never stolen Thorne’s feather at all, at all. I’ve stolen his flashlight… and his beer… but never that poxy feather!! And we never argue about which is the evil twin – because we’re both perfect angels

  2. David Graybeal says:

    Nice interview, BTW!