WIKI for setting up and tuning Lug and Sprit Rigs

Mark Sailing His Goat Island Skiff at Barton Week

This page is a work in progress and will eventually be transferred to a WIKI.
If the below is hard to read you can look at it on Googledocs here.



14 thoughts on “WIKI for setting up and tuning Lug and Sprit Rigs

  1. great to see planing luggers. I very much agree on most of your recommendations, especially about the downhaul, which cant be strong enough. It means the luff must be reinforced with non-stretch rope, and I think 3 -5 mm dyneema is the easiest. Also a client of mine with a Tirrik and 10 m2 bal. lug capsized and we concluded his mast was relatively bendier than his yard. Consequently in a gust his sail bellied out and he capsized. Since than he built a stiffer mast. And very good to see modern techniques like battened crosscut sails

    • Hi Frank,

      Thankyou for your comments. A number of things on this page are experiments – over time we will find out what works best and the page will be updated.

      The big thing that most don’t realise is that the same lessons apply to lug and all traditional rigs as to all modern rigs. The big advantage of many traditional rigs is the simplicity and cheapness – much less gear for adjustment. It is nice to try and keep that.

      The battens are something my clients wanted to try. My approach during design was to assume the sail would be a little less efficient and increase the sail area to compensate. I think a little more area is more beneficial and much cheaper than battens.

      But I support my customers when they are doing sensible experiments like all the ones we are cataloguing here.

      Nice to make contact.
      Best wishes

  2. Anyone rig” BETH” sailing canoe to row places in between sailing experiences? I had a thought it would make a nice combo somehow… Centre-board case in the way? How about a seated arrangement which makes use of the aft end of the centre-board case in some way.
    Hope to hear an answer.
    e-mail me anyone who has a mind to do so.
    Robert Troff

    • Hi Robert,

      BETH the sailing canoe is too narrow to make a good rowing boat without outriggers. Also the centreboard goes through the deck in front of the cockpit so there is nowhere to sit.

      I think it pushes the boat away from the original concept too much. With my Quick Canoe design one of my customers uses a swimming pool bean bag chair to sit it and paddles with a single or double paddle.

      For short distances I kneel and use a single blade paddle and Beth goes much better than most sailing dinghies under paddle power. Won’t stay with a properly shaped canoe though!

      A paddle requires much less extra gear and doesn’t intrude on the sailing space.

      Hope this helps

  3. Hi Mik,

    Did you ever find out how that Bunnings clear/glass reinforced “sail material” from the Toowoomba boats went?


  4. Paul Griffiths says:

    Hi Michael,

    Just wanting to keep you in touch with Gracious Me, the finest red GIS on the planet. She now lives at Yass NSW and will be sailed on Lake Burley Griffin and the Clyde River above Bateman’s Bay NSW by our daughter Myffy and her beau.

    The Bilge Rat and I (+ victualers) have just returned from the UK (family wedding) and enjoyed the Beale Park Boat Show at Pangbourne, Berkshire UK very much. I made a first class speech at the wedding – just thought I should let you know.

    Hope all is well. When are you coming to see us? Bilge Rat off this week for 17 days trekking with camels in the Outback. Give me water any day.


    Bumboat Boy.

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