Video of Quick Canoe in Hungary.

Csaba is my agent in Hungary.

He started off building the Eureka Canoe and then last year built a OzRacer (formerly PDRacer).

This year he has built a Quick Canoe and has put up some pics and a video.

Remember that the Quick Canoe is the simple and quick building canoe in my lineup. There is also the more sophisticated Eureka Plywood Canoe that takes around 50 to 80 hours to build. This pic shows Csaba’s Eureka in the foreground and the freshly built Quick Canoe in the background.

Storer Boat Plans plywood canoe plans - Quick Canoe compared to Eureka Canoe

Csaba has done a great job with his Hungarian wooden boat website and he has done the mammoth job of translating the Goat Island Skiff, the Eureka Canoe, the Quick Canoe and the OzRacer (formerly the PDRacer) to Hungarian.

The Quick Canoe is assembled using duct tape.

Plywood canoe assemble with duct tape

And a video of building the boat in six minutes from Artur a friend of Csaba’s

So what did Csaba say after paddling the boat … his text follows.

Thank you guys. It was a great fun to paddle in Quick Canoe. It is a very stable and comfortable boat.

One person in the boat: I was jumping around in the boat to test its behavior and it paddles well even if I am sitting at the very end (small deck) – next time I will try hand-stand, right?. You can catch some stability testing at 2:12, I even tried to stand up – it was no problem. When I sit at the back it is very easy to maneuver because the front fin is out of the water (but in case of some wind it is a problem). When I knee in the middle of the boat it is still easy to move but it is difficult to turn quickly. I would not win a slalom competition but it is still quite OK.

Very simple and easy to build plywood canoe

Two persons: it is very stable and easily maneuverable. The paddlers can slide to the side of the seats to reach the water better. The boat doesn’t mind that. It turns well, but sharp turns require the cooperation of the two paddlers (meaning for example when there is a sharp turn left the front paddler needs to paddle backwards, and the rear paddler forward). This is an excellent touring canoe – for lakes or rivers, longer distance, also great for fishing because of the stability. I think it will accommodate a small drop-in sailing rig very well – I will try that as well soon.

Comparing to Eureka QC is definitely more stable, and less maneuverable. It looks almost as good as Eureka. See photos.

Regarding the maneuverability of the Quick Canoe, it can be adjusted by cutting down the fin/skeg at either end.

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