Burning Boats in Taiwan.

My friend Mao travels around her home country of Taiwan and takes wonderful photos. Some are boat oriented!

Here is a wonderful series of a religious festival in Taiwan. The details of the boat are exquisitely correct!

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The series you asked is a local religious activity called “Shao(burn) Wang(Wang Ye, God of Pestilence) Chuan(ship)” , meaning “Burning the ship of Wang Ye, God of Pestilence”.

It’s a very common religious activity held at many southern port cities in Taiwan and also the south-eastern sea-side part of Mainland China.

The custom was formed because there were too many pestilences and plagues burst in the sea-side port cities in the old days. Fishermen and villagers built the ship of Wang Yeh to gather all the bad things and sickness in town. In the old days, they then sent the ship away after ceremonies symbolizing sending all the bad things away.

If ever the tide takes the ship back to the shore, which means the back luck and plague comes back with Wang Ye , the villagers have to build a temple to worship the ship and Wang Ye then.

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