First detailed sailing report for OZ Goose – a simple and cheap 12ft sailboat.

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The Goose is designed as a very simple to build boat that will take two beginner sailors out on any reasonable day. It is light to handle on the beach with most hulls around the 115lb mark – easy to roofrack.

Another in the series of boats that show you don’t have to have a pointy bow to get excellent sailing performance. The smaller OzRacer and OZ PDRacer showed that they could be very satisfying for highly experienced sailors – I dont’ expect this boat to be different.

Jim Post built the goose last winter but has been to busy to get sailing – did I mention he had a toe injury too.

Anyway … the Goose got launched. From a designer’s point of view I was pretty confident of this boat because all the gear has been tried and tested in the OzRacer (no longer a PDRacer). But the main consideration was whether it would balance nicely.

Not too much weather or lee (eek) helm.

Goose plywood sailing boat plans - bigger version of the OzRacer and PDRacer

I expect the boat to be lot faster than the standard OzRacer or PDRacer shape because the bottom curve is much easier – stretched out – which will mean the boat doesn’t settle down into its own wave pattern quite as strongly as the 8ft version.

PDGoose plywood sailboat - OZ Goose a larger version of the PDRacer and OZ Racer

You can also see all the extra space compared to the diminutive PDRacer/OzRacer – and because the spars, centreboard, rudder and sail are the same you just need to build another hull if you have one of the smaller OZ boats.

From Jim Post:

Well finally, the planets aligned, the rental season is over and my toe operation has healed. Swift Boat has its second outing, this time with about 10-15 knots of wind, some gusting. the boat sailed with excellent balance, some small amount of weather helm. With two aboard, planing was easily done. My friend had a GPS and we observed 7 knots frequently. No reefing was required and the boat was quite “stiff.” Response to the helm excellent.

I have the new 2HP Honda four stroke and it moves the boat right along, very handy. forgot to put the drain plug in at launch, very embarrassing but caught early. My new sailing buddy (met at launch ramp) is a video expert, with all equipment. He will do some professional shots for us soon. He knows this is very important and it will be done soon.

Duckworks sail is a winner, all creases are out and it draws well. Also fits well. Some small rig changes are planned, running rigging mostly. Will install rope traveler just aft of dagger board, using limber holes as per Peter’s suggstion.

Summary, this is a fun boat, easily sailed and handled on and off tilting bedtrailer. It trims well fore and aft, little evidence of “pigrooting.” Great term and so descriptive!!!

Did you hear from Chuck that final weight is 153 lbs ( no gear). More than designed weight I am sorry to say. Like me!!!

Looking for next project. Either a light weight Goose or SOG !! Where are the plans? I don’t need much to build it. Are you far enough into the design to authorize a prototype construction? I would like that.

BTW — splash coaming works very well. Sheds over the bow waves right now. Would recommend it to all builders.

Jim Post.

Then a short sailing report

Over the last weekend, excellent sailing conditions arrived, with winds estimated at about 10-15 knots, some better gusts. Good video is on the way to you and Chuck. Am really looking forward to comments and observations. I am amazed at the power displayed by the lug rig and how well balanced the Goose design is. But when I see all the history of these lug variations I know that men used them to make a living on the ocean and bays and had to have an easily worked yet powerful sail plan. Who would have thought it would be developed for pleassure craft as you have done.

Warm regards,

Jim Post

Just to add a bit of detail – here is the slideshow of a couple of Geese during building and the launch day photos above.

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