Goat Island Skiff Launching 4 – Christophe in New Hampshire

Goat Island Skiff Boat Plan info

Christophe launched his Goat a few days ago.

Some nice on board sailing shots.

Christophe sailing his new Goat Island Skiff.  New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Goat Island Skiff

He has been having some handling problems with the lug rig which are being discussed on my forum. This is not common – it hasn’t happened before and we think it could be a number of small adjustments are not quite right. So he is fixing up step by step as he posts some good photos to help diagnosis.

The Goat Island Skiff sailors and others very familiar with lug rigs from Australia, Holland, England and the USA are helping to work it out. Good discussion.

The years of sailing around Main in Christophe’s GIS are catalogued here – Goat Island Skiff Amateur Style.  He has done a lot of offshore touring, rowing, sailing, camping holidays.  He is a pilot so he always checks the weather!

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