Goat Island Skiff Videos – at speed carrying weight – GIS planing freely

The Goat is well known for high average speeds compared to similar boats.  Here are some examples from the extensive range of videos on the Channel on Youtube.  Plans info here

But rather than looking through the long list, here are some notable videos from the Goat Island Skiff Channel arranged into different subjects.  Click on any of the links below.

Goat Island skiff homebuilt sailing boat planes easily sailing fast

So on to the Goat Island Skiff planing videos!

This is the original one taken of Boat Number 2 at Mooloolaba Australia. At this time the boat was 12 years old with no maintenance. Not bad. But wind is very patchy as I am waiting for gusts to swoop down from above the mangrove trees to windward.


The best Video producer for the Goat has been John Goodman. He uses telescoping sticks and waterproof cameras. You can see what the camera has to put up with!

The event was the 2011 Texas 200 event – 200 miles up the Texas Coast. The boat is creaming along. I guess John is about 200 lbs, I’m 165 in fat mode, we have 30lbs of water, and the big bag just behind the mid seat with food and stuff has to be unloaded as it is too heavy for one person to lift easily – 60lbs? And light camping gear and clothes – maybe another 40 lbs Total payload must be a bit under 500lbs on a 16ft boat. But it planes and planes.


This video is also from John Goodman and me in the Texas 200 – John has compiled shots of the boat sailing in different sea and wind conditions on different days with different levels of reefing. During the event we often hit 12 mph and seldom much lower than 8.


This is a longer one in not quite so much wind … you can see all the gear in the boat. Most of the water is under the middle seat and front and rear buoyancy tanks have clothes and some of the camping gear inside. Wind is 12 to 15 and rising (we didn’t really notice it at this point) but boat is just planing away.


Gary Blankeship’s video of Olivier Chamel’s Goat almost on an upwind course. Moving on out.


And an overall view


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