Helping out at the Duck Flat boatbuilding spring school.

Duckflat and I have a long relationship and they often hire me for part of their Spring and Autumn School Program at their premises at Mt Barker, Adelaide Australia.

Duck Flat Wooden Boats boatbuilding school.

Ten days of boatbuilding, where people can build what they want (within reason). Some might take two schools to get their project done though most plan to leave after one.

This year we have very few locals – people from Orange and Murwillumbah, NSW, Victoria, two separate people from Perth.

One father and son team building an Iain Oughtred Fulmar come from opposite sides of the country and meet up at Adelaide which is kindof in the middle.

The boats are just about as varied.
Joel White Nutshell being built by Graeme who is going to fit out the Herreshoff Dulcinea hull he bought from Duckflat earlier in the year.

Joel white nutshell dinghy at duck flat spring boatbuilding school

The Rust son and father team who are on their second visit after completely planking the Fulmar last time.

Iain Oughtred Fulmar Sailboat at the Duck Flat boatbuilding School in Adelaide

Rex is building my Goat Island Skiff.

Last time he built a Dragon Boat which ended up very light – he wants to sell that now. So if someone want a Dragon Boat for their club, this would be a nice one.

Michael Storer Boat Plans Goat Island Skiff being built at the Duck Flat Boatbuilding School Adelaide

Judy is sanding the inside of her jewel like strip canoe – also started last time. Built in Paulownia and with light glass will be a boat to carry with one hand. It is a Nymph as featured in Woodenboat.

Wooden Boat Magazine Nymph strip plank canoe being built at the Duck Flat boatbuilding school, Adelaide.

Judy’s partner Bill is not a co-worker this time but starting his own CLC Night Heron. He is doing interesting stuff with wood stain to go under the epoxy. These are his samples – the CLC kit has mysterious jigsaw puzzle type ends to lock the panels together. Bill is going to make them a feature.

CLC Night Heron Kayak being built in the Duck Flat boatbuilding school Adelaide.

My good friend David Wilson is doing most of the tutoring – I spent yesterday helping too.

Lots of fun.

The flickr slideshow is here

Duckflat link

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