Jack is a great name for a Goat!

Gerry and Nicola launched their new Goat Island Skiff “Jack of Mudjimba”. They have finished her in gorgeous black which will show off the varnished wood of the interior beautifully.

She also has a red “Tanbark” sail.

These pics are a bit distant to see the detail, but at least we have some!!! I will put more up as Gerry sends them.

Everything looks quite nice, though I would probably hoist the sail a tiny fraction more and also move the boom back a little relative to the mast. This will make the rig look a bit more rakish and also give more head clearance under the boom.

Fantastic Effort!!!

Michael and Peter,

A quick note from us to say thanks to you guys for all your help over the past year or so. Very deeply appreciated.

A great design Michael and she was born today on the Twin Waters lakes/canals. It was a good morning for learning as the gentle winds were about 3 – 5 kts!

The black hull and varnished interior with tan sail look a treat and was a definite eye-turner from all those fancy types having their cuppa on the front porch.

More photos will be sent when I download from camera.

Got the surveyor’s report today too and so we can now insure her to his recommended value. I think he likes the design and wishes he had the time to build a GIS!

Cheers and thanks again guys,

Nicola and Gerry

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