First PDGoose (now Oz Goose) DIY sailboat Pics from Jim Post

Goose boat plan info

For those who don’t know already the PDGoose is a PDRacer stretched by 50% to give a simple 2 or more person boat just under 12ft long and 4ft wide.

Part of the idea is that all the stuff that fits in the PDRacer – the mast, centreboard, rudder, rudderbox, sail and boom will also fit the Goose.

Transom view of PD Goose wooden diy sailboat

This might just allow someone to have two hulls and one set of other gear so they can go sailing in the simple and light and throwaround on the waterable PDRacer, or if they want a more lazy sail with a friend and perhaps a picnic they can use the PDGoose hull instead.

PD Goose on trailer

You can see the PD Goose info here. It is not really a plan in its own right but a supplement to the PDRacer plan so you need to buy both.  The good thing is that they are only $20 each.

Anyway Jim Post has gotten his PDGoose hull just about done and has made some nice changes.  I like the way he has integrated a thwart with the centrecase and also made a nice splashboard arrangement.

Cockpit of PDGoose sailboat has much more space

Anyway … more pictures of the Goose are here – all the finished ones are Jim’s boat.

One of the nice confirmatory things was the hull weight.  A nice 120 lbs (55kg) for the hull.  Right on the average boatweights for Antipodean craft of 8 to 10lbs per foot.

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  1. […] Anyway … there are a few more pics and words here including where to get the Goose plans so you can start cutting ply. Remember it is a supplement to the PDR plan so you need to buy that one as well. All the pics are on flickr the built pics are from Jim Post […]