Slideshow of boats from the Lake Macquarie Classic Boatfest

It was a nice little show.

Bruce brought his “for sale” Goat Island Skiff down and I drove up from Sydney with AlexN, who is building his OzRacer.

Bruce, Alex and Michael Storer at the Lake Macquarie Classic Boatfest 2011 - looking forward to 2012!

Goat Island Skiff homebuilt sailboat on Lake Macquarie.

There were boats on the land

Wooden boats at Lake Macquarie classic boatfest 2011 - 2012 anyone?

(and some other “classics” too – Australian blokes of a certain vintage will know what I mean)

Immaculate Leyland P76 with classic hamilton jet speedboat behind.

Also there were boats afloat. Including a Bolger Birdwatcher and a couple of NIS26s

Bolger birdwatcher sailboat.  NIS25 - Norwalk island sharpie 26 with tabernacle.

Bolger birdwatcher on Lake Macquarie.  HOmebuilt sailboat

Even a boat from a past life (10 years ago – when I used to paint and varnish nice boats for a living in Sydney) This is Lahara. The decks and cabin roof are still OK, but the varnish needs some serious work.

Classic boat repainted and varnished by Michael Storer in Sydney a decade ago.  Time for more varnish!

Also there were my new plans books agents (who also are Boatcraft Pacific distributors) – Drive Marine.


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