Table of Contents for Michael Storer Wooden Boats Forum.

It is a bit hard finding information on my forum as the list is not very ordered, so I have attempted to fix this.
There is a general building section then each boat is in alphabetical order.
To see all the images you may need to become a member, however, they are a good bunch and will not spam you.

General Building and other stuff.
RE: Using the Metric System in USA – getting tape measures and others
A cautionary tale…..
A different slant on flat bottomed boats
An easier way to set off? Tricky Launch spot.
Another amazing Storer Innovation
Antique Wooden Racing Dinghies with original parts – Pics
Boat design for fishing??
Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood. Boatmik/PDRacer
Changes/lessons from storerboats
Clamps for boat builders.
Computer cut kits
Design Question: What characteristics make for a good planing hull for a scow
Dory Boat yahoo group – interesting discussion 🙂
FAQ – does a shallow keel improve tracking or upwind performance – canoes
Finding stuff on Storer’s sites … new search engine
getting sails and sailing lessons
Goolwa Wooden Boat Show 2009
Hollow Square Section Masts
How to paint, repair then repaint boats with a minimum of labour
I’m teaching at the Duckflat Autumn School
Lug Rig Heaven
Lumber quantities and a cutlist for the GIS
Making a Polytarp Sail
Mast making – Grain direction for mast staves
Michael Storer WoodenBoat Plans Forum – WELCOME
Michael Storer’s Interesting Boat Links
Mik the Aussie Bolger! You there?
Modifications to a Whilly Boat
Murray River Photos from flight 221 (er actually 756) – a bit scary
Ooops…Epoxy Mistake
Proa PJOA Baltic trip 2008
Painting an epoxy coated boat.
Roofracking Canoes and small boats
Rudderbox, OZ type – OZ and Goat and Storer style rudderbox – avoid breakages
Saw blade for thin plywood?
Similar plans
Single-handing Goats on the Ground – all boats
Slippery cockpit floors and easy non skid surface
Small application for the scale of ruder etc.
Solid wing mizzen on Beth, RAID41?
Storer Boat Photos – Launchings and others
The Goat Lug…another use
They Let Him Loose
Traditional rig costs vs Modern rig costs
Two Storer Interviews at – podcasts boat design lug rigs
underlayment plywood
Where can I get Gaboon Ply in Sydney?
Where to sail?

BETH – Sailing Canoe
BETH – First sail of my new BETH on video!
BETH – My new article about MIK’s Beth sailing canoe – Polska
BETH – new build with pics by Norm Lehman
BETH – New member – found a Beth movie
BETH – Plans for Beth Available digitally?
BETH – Sailing – and swimming – with Beth/Canook
BETH – Sailing Canoe
BETH (kamikaze canoe yawl) -questions for Boatmik
Beth Sailing Canoe – short cruising centreboard centreboard option?
Beth Sailing Canoe(materials) – few questions

Eureka – Canoe
Eureka – Deck Choice
Eureka – Nick’s Eureka 155
Eureka – Stupid question
Eureka 155 build blog in the UK
Eureka build method no S&G
Eureka Canoe
Eureka Canoe Building Record. THE MAN builds one in 2 weeks
Eureka Canoe or any boat – alt. deck method & filleting hull instead of glassing.
Eureka canoe, outriggers and proper sailing rig

Goat Island Skiff
GIS – Report on building a GIS in the Netherlands (2008-2011)
GIS – “Another Goat Island Skiff”
GIS – Another WBF migration – Two ?’s for Mik
GIS – Bath Boat Goat
GIS – Before I order GIS plans…
GIS – Birdsmouth for GIS Main Mast
GIS – Boatbuilding School builds a GOAT Island Skiff in Frisco.
GIS – Chris Ramsay’s GIS
GIS – Dana’s Spars
GIS – Epoxy question
GIS – First impressions of a Goat
GIS – Glassing the mast
GIS – Goat Island Skiff building in Denmark 🙂 Sejl-jolle bygges i Danmark
GIS – Helping Build the Goat Island Skiff Part III
GIS – helping build the Goat part two
GIS – Inwale spacers
GIS – Jason’s Blue Goat Island Skiff Launched – North Carolina
GIS – Kids build a GIS?
GIS – Laser Rig in GIS?
GIS – Launch photos – Chad’s GIS in Essex UK
GIS – Mast storage in the Goat
GIS – More Launch Photos GIS Maine USA – Dana’s Boat
GIS – Olivier’s GIS videos
GIS – Questions on building a GIS
GIS – Red Goat launched, Cumbria UK.
GIS – Richard Harvey’s Goat in Norfolk UK
GIS – Rigging the changes! Halyard etc to middle of boat GIS
GIS – Running Rigging for the Goat
GIS – Sacramento
GIS – Solo Sailing for Goat Island Skiff
GIS – Spars: Sitka Spruce or Douglas Fir?
GIS – stretch a GIS
GIS – The materials neede for the Goat
GIS and Oz MkII PDR – Can parts be swapped?
GIS as a sail-and-oar boat
GIS build in Northern California…
GIS built in Slovenia? Marking waterlines
GIS buttstrap question
GIS Cartopping?
GIS Done it!!
GIS for the former small-dinghy sailor
GIS Hull Parts for Sale
GIS in Brazil – finding materials, ply, epoxy and building
GIS questions
GIS Rigging and worldwide fitting availability – sigh 🙂
GIS sailmaking
GIS Waterline?
GIS Yawl
GIS- Me again
Goat Island Skiff
Goat Island Skiff – New Build – Walnut Creek CA
Goat Island Skiff – Now at the movies!
Goat Island Skiff – side seats?
Goat Island Skiff – Tools (AND CLAMPS) required? Applies to all storerboats
Goat Island Skiff – Transom
Goat Island Skiff (Chile) – Construyendo un pequeño bote de madera en Chile
Goat Island Skiff Pics – Jack of Mudjimba – Queensland OZ

Handy Punt
Handy Punt – Newbie – Handy Punt and ABP Questions
Handy Punt newbie
Paddles – Storer Oars (the free plan) – the length for width of boats.
Paddles Free Plan – Storer Paddles (the free plan ones) and wood in Slovenia
Paddles, Oars = Question on oars?

OZ PDRacer – Puddle Duck Racer
PDR – OZ PDRacer Mast Timber Thickness – 10mm?
PDR – PD racer, outboard & row
PDR – A newbie PDR owner
PDR – A plywood centreboard and rudder for PDRs
PDR – Another OZ MK2 PDRacer build in Sydney “Wood Duck”
PDR – Building the PD Racer
PDR – Building the PDRacer in Slovenia
PDR – Cruising a PD Racer – 3 days on the Rhine.
PDR – Goolwa – the first Oz PDRacer championships
PDR – Jib on A PD Racer? Gennikers or “Code 0”
PDR – Luis Builds a PDRacer – a pro woodworker view from Mexico
PDR – New PDR build – Boston, MA USA
PDR – New Queensland PDRacer Build
PDR – Nick’s PD Racer
PDR – Oz PDR build in Adelaide – sexy black PDRacer
PDR – OZ PDR Sails – using a Sunfish sail for some serious frostbiting – USA only
PDR – OZ PDRacer – Dylan’s build in the Philippines
PDR – OZ PDRacer Sailing under bridges
PDR – OZ PDRacer Vids
PDR – Query concerning marine ply for OzPDR
PDR – The Rally Cars didn’t make it to DAKAR but the PDRacers did
PDR Build in the Philippines.
PDR in Perth?
PDR newbie introduction and questions – TEXAS!
PDR Racer State Titles???
PDR Sail Rig and spars (or Boatbuilding in the Philippines)
PDR skids
PDR Storage/Moving by hand
PDR, a good boat for a beginner? Can I use Hoop Pine plywood?
PDR, Lug vs. Spirit
PDRacer – Comparative Performance
PDRacer – just starting out
PDRacer – Lug rig option – yard too short?
PDRacer – optional solid mast
PDRacer – Oz Mk2 Version plans released. Comments, Questions etc.
PDRacer – Painting Polytarp Sails
PDRacer – towing behind larger boats
PDRacer & Goat Island Skiff Trailers
PDRacer and all other boats – is a lug, sprit or lateen the best?
PDRacer bottom undersize problem. Also is the bottom long enough? – no probs and yes
PDRacer Hungary; Egyszerű vitorláshajó építése Magyarországon
PDRacer Mast
PDRacer OZ – Can I use metric ply sheets
PDRs in the USA – Long voyages, meet-ups
Puddle Duck in the UK

RAID41 – Name suggestions please for RAID41
RAID41 – Name suggestions please for RAID41
RAID41 – Solo “Expedition” Sailboat
RAID41 new web site created
RAID41 Plans?
RAID41 Sail design and home sail making
RAID41 sail numbers

Storer Rowboat
Rowboat – Building a Storer Rowboat

River Boats Questions…
River boat question
River Boats Questions…
Venice River Boat

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