Wooden Boat Building – 10 day Autumn Class

Duck Flat Wooden Boats in conjunction with Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans will be running a 10 day boat building Autumn School.

April 16 to 26th at Goolwa on the Murray River – Adelaide Australia.


This image is from the class in October last year.

For people who have never built anything before through to experienced woodworkers who want to build a boat for the first time.

The classes are not structured – as that would limit choice of projects severely. Instead there are around 15 boat plans that are considered suitable for the time and facilities available, though you can always ask if you have a pet project or part of a bigger project to do in that time and see if it is compatible.

You work at your own pace and have three (more or less) competant boatbuilders to make sure things don’t go too wrong.

In ten days it might be possible to just about finish a simple project or get a mid sized one to the stage where you can trailer it home to finish it using all the methods that you picked up during the class.

Please look at the webpage reference above for a bit more info then follow the link on that page to the Duckflat site to download the form.

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