Calendar Cover Photo Retrospective Goat Island Skiff

The 2018 Calendar is just out now. So see our quality by reviewing the previous calendar covers.

2018 Goat Island Skiff Calendar

Goat Island Skiff Calendar 2018 available here – you can start it from any month.

This cover featured Enrico Franconi on one of his weekend trips on the Italian lakes.

Goat Island Skiff Calendar 2017

Also available and you can start the numbering in any month of any year.

This was a photo from a real wedding. The boat belongs to Aleks “Saso” Bajt in Croatia. I’m glad the groom knew how to sail! This calendar and the 2018 are in 15×11″ format.

Goat Island Skiff Calendar 2016

Our last year with Cafepress as publisher. They stopped doing calendars with no notice. Calendars after this are published by Zazzle.

At the time it was the biggest Goat get together. Now known as the NE USA Goat roundup and a regular event.

Goat Island Skiff Calendar 2015

This photo was from the previous Goat roundup. The deal is that everyone votes on Facebook to choose the short list of final 20 pics from the previous 12 months. Then the editorial committee chooses the final 12. I get a bit of free reign to do the cover or the back cover. Often I go with one of the final 12, sometimes I have a favourite.

Goat Island Skiff Calendar 2014

This photo was a bit startling – a Goat version of “Babe – a Pig in the city” which also featured New York.

Interesting relationship in that the city is kindof the opposite of sailing, but here  the Goat is sailing towards the  dramatic Skyline with Dave Lafontaine at the helm.

We ended up putting another photo of the same boat and same crew inside the calendar of Dave’s Goat rounding the Statue of Liberty.

Goat Island Skiff Calendar 2013

Port Townsend where Jim Leising was attending a small craft seamanship course with adventurer Howard Rice run by Small Craft Adviser magazine.

Photo was by Murray Stephens.

Even if you don’t want to get a calendar … see the photos accumulate through the year on the Goat Island Skiff Facebook Group.

More information on the Goat Island Skiff.

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