All Videos – Goat Island Skiff – Fast, Family Sailing, Boat Building

Lots of Goat Island Skiff Sailing and Building Videos.

The speed is nice and you’ll never see the tiller pushed over hard to try and stop a broach as the handling is exemplary; any wind strength any angle of heel any reasonable sea condition.

There are two or more building videos too that show how quickly and easily the boat goes together. USA, Greece, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, UK, France, Italy, Hungary, Australia, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, South Africa and more.

For more information on the designs or to find out about plans visit the Storerboats plans page.

Videos Goat Island Skiff – Family Sailing, Distance Events and RAIDS

This is a playlist showing over seventy videos. They have been ranked for most informative ones first.

sailing boat video playlist youtube. storerboatplans.comClick on this icon at top left of video to choose what you want to see.

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On the "round Australia trip" I found myself employed by a tiny business in Adelaide - Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Adelaide.It was an eye opener - It became clear that one could build a boat for a fraction of the cost of current racing boats.My ideas hinged around high performance, easy building, fun to sail and reasonably cheapToday Storer Boats are built in all countries and we have active groups on Facebook for the following groupsGoat Island Skiff Open Goose Storer Boat plans Really Simple Sails