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We use our fleet of OzGoose sailboats to teach sailing on Taal Lake.


The boat – purpose built for teaching sailing

The Oz Goose sails well in the lightest winds even with three adults aboard and in solo sailing will reach speeds of 12 to 13 knots (22 to 25 km/h)

Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal

Bring some old shoes, long sleeve T-shirt and a hat – Water bottle and sun protection.

Volcanic islands - Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal

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Sailing lessons on the natural volcanic Lake Taal

Much nicer than Manila Bay and other sailing areas reasonably close to Metro Manila. Straight down the Star Tollway and take the Balete exit.

The large Ta’al lake is bounded by natural land and small townships. Local Bangka outriggers are used for local transport across the lakes.

Tono SUP cover photo.1

Sailing or paddling a kayak or SUP along the lake shore shows small land holdings, caribou, kids swimming and playing around in the water and small scale agriculture.

Sailing lessons at the Pusod Taal Lake Conservation centre are 1 1/2 hours south of Manila along the Star Tollway. Once you leave the Star Tollway, there is a right turn, then drive approx 5km along wide well paved road until it ends and turn right.

Next stop Sailing lessons at the Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Centre.

Learning to steer and to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal

What are the sailing lessons like?

Our sailing lessons are very different from most. Rather than being jargon based we want to get you onto one of the Geese and FEEL sailing from the start. We want to bring you straight to many advanced techniques – how to see the wind on the water and how to easily find the best speed of the boat.

Racing for some - Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal

Rather than have you learning for months, we want to fast track you over a few lessons to being able to take one of our boats out by yourself or yourselves after a few sailing sessions if the weather is right.

Everyone gets a real feeling of sailing in our lessons – not just a list of complicated words and a touch on a whole bunch of basics – but the real sailing deal to teach you to make the boat go well. We bring all the other stuff in later like capsize drills (the average beginner can get a goose back upright and be back aboard much faster than a minute), but from the first lesson are already getting a payoff in terms of fun and a feeling of connection to the wind and water.

Inclusive - Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal

Sailing lesson and boat hire costs

  • There are several ways to structure a sailing lesson.
    Basic cost is 850 peso an hour (about USD20) Gets you a goose and instructor. The boat will take one or two students. We do this most weekends (except the weekend of the second sundy, so you can call and book yourself in if it looks like a good day on the lake.
  • Another way is to come as a group and together hire one or two boats with instructors. One popular way is to hire one or two boats for three or four hours. Generally one boat can get a total of six people out over the time going out in twos. Or two boats can get 12 people out. Appointment necessary
  • Eventually you may be qualified to hire a boat directly to race or cruise for the day – that will be 600 peso an hour (about USD15)

Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal - saling lessons Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Centre

Food, Accommodation, Kayaking, Stand up Paddleboarding, and Volcano tours

Not only does the Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Centre have five purpose built Oz Goose sailboats with excellent instructors but also

  • Excellent food is available – mostly local produce – try the Tawilis (freshwater sardine) or Ka Betty’s famous fern salad (she grows them herself) or the creamy unripe jackfruit and coconut salad. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are available if booked. Vegetarians and Vegans are understood and catered for on request.Lunch Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal
  • Different accommodation with a very famous and sought after treehouse for overnight guests as well as ground level Nipa huts (grass roof with platforms of bamboo slats for ventilation huts with mosquito nets) and dormitory style accommodation in the mezzanine of the function hall. Camping on site is also welcome and is very cost effective.Camping - Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake TaalPusod TLCC accommodation loft
  • Knowledge Tours of the Volcano and Lake are also possible for groups. These have a specific ecological and biodiversity orientation following the Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Centres pivotal position in the Environmental Management Plan for the lake and the region and its position as a main site involved in ongoing college programs in areas of Biology, Marine Biology and various Eco based courses.Volcano tour Pusod tlcc - Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal Taal volcano tour pusod taal lake conservation centre - Learn to sail - Manila Phlippines Batangas Lake Taal
  • Stand UP Paddleboard (SUP Lessons) Hire by appointment. Groups, solo lessons and tours including a nice half day experience for a small group.

Map for sailing lessons at Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Centre. From Star Toll way take Balete Exit and turn right after paying toll.  Road is wide and well sealed.  When road terminates turn left and cross the large steelwork bridge about 400 metres.  Immediately after the bridge Pusod TLCC is on the right.

TLCC map

The Future – lessons in Cebu

We are also working with a Oz Goose sailing group in Cebu to provide sailing and lessons at reasonable cost from a resort on the outside edge of Mactan Island with even more Oz Geese sailboats.

Sailing lessons Cebu mactan island

Cebu - Mactan island - learn to sail


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