Taal SUP – full slideshow of building the Taal stand up Paddleboard

This is the complete building slideshow of our prototype Taal Stand Up Paddleboard. Working time was 2 1/2 weeks.

lightweight simple plywood SUP - stand up Paddleboard - storerboatplans.com

There have been several sets of plans sold. And old friend Christophe Madson is already building one for his 55kg wife. Built in light materials it will be an easy carry despite being a 12ft 6″ board. Plans are available from Duckworks for USD80 – click here to get details or order

The Taal SUP’s main details are on our site here.

SUP pre launch 03 (Custom)

The Stand Up Paddleboards we built in the Philippines were of much heavier materials than people in the advanced economies can access and were about 12 to 14kg (28lbs) – about the same as a normal production board.


Using Gaboon ply, cedar framing (or even better Paulownia if you can get it which is lighter than cedar) we would expect weights in the 8 to 10kg range (18lbs up).

At speed the hull leaves barely a ripple as it is based on low drag boats like kayaks and canoes. Try to make a surfboard keep up with a kayak and you will see what I mean 🙂

lightweight simple plywood SUP - stand up Paddleboard - storerboatplans.com

The plan has strategies for super lightweighting the Taal Stand Up Paddleboard for EXTREME builders with thinner ply and structure and the tricks required to carry the loads. We learned lightweighting methods from the Australian plywood Scow Moths that see weight of under 20kg for boats that are twice as wide and three to four times thicker than a SUP, yet can throw themselves over (under) waves at speeds of 15 knots or more.

We expect excellent durability even from the super lightweight boards as Stand Up Paddleboards have much lower loads than the Moth sailing.

This is the slideshow.

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  1. […] Our prototype build took two and a half weeks to build – weekends off to go sailing and a two weeks away in Cebu to help organise and run a 11 boat Oz Goose sailboat build. I have posted the slideshow of the full build of the Taal SUP here. […]