Resources for Michael Storer’s series of USA talks

Some useful links.  Again I would like to thank both the worldwide PDRacer community and Duckworks for supporting this tour.

1/ Making Traditional Sailing Rigs work well.  Lots of details to help many rigs, but most useful for Lug, Triangular sprit boomed sails and Lateen (which are a special case of balance lug).  These are of particular interest to me as they control sail twist which is perhaps responsible for most of the performance increases over the last 100 years.

2/ My Boat building etc FAQ is here – covers a lot of methods for reducing labour and materials.  Discussion of materials choice and also repair methods.

3/ Some videos showing how responsive the OZ PDRacer is because of properly shaped foils, a properly designed mast/sail combination that bends the right amount to depower the boat in gusts.  YOu can see it accelerate after tacking or when the sails are trimmed properly.

The first boats and some light wind performance

Sailing Doughnuts – turning circles

PDR in stronger winds with our earlier, too flexible masts – acceleration after tacking –

4/ My total collection of videos is here

5/ My own storerboats forum is here

6/ The worldwide madness that is the general PDRacer forum is here

7/ Peter Hyndman’s PDRacer site, GIS site, Eureka Canoe site

8/ Duckworks order/info page

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