Slideshow of assembling a plywood canoe with duct or gaffer tape. Quick Canoe

Plywood Canoe plan info
USA Plywood precut kit available

This method is an attempt at improvement of Stitch and Glue. As good as stitch and glue is it does have a lot of labour of drilling holes and physically stitching the hull together. So with this specially designed shape it is stuck together with duct tape or gaffer tape.

Super fast assembly of a plywood canoe using Duct Tape. Build in 5 1/2 hours

I use both conventional stitch and glue and the duct tape assembly method for different canoe designs. To see what I have available have a look at my Plywood Canoe Construction comparison page. Plans can be ordered from that page too.

This new method can save a lot of time. Two separate people in different countries have completely built the quick canoe in 5 1/2 hours including painting. One has succeeded in putting it together in 4 1/2 hours.

Most people can build one in a week of evenings.

The cost has been about $170 in North America or about $250 in Australia.

This is a slideshow of a boat that was assembled in a week of weekends.

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