Quick Canoe Precut Ply Kits Available in the USA

Over the last few months I have been working with John Owen Woodworks to create a kit for my Quick Canoe 155 design.  It is already a very comprehensive plan and having a kit can make it go together even easier.

This boat is designed to go together very quickly, with a serious effort you could build it in a weekend, but I expect most to take a couple or maybe three weekends to put it together including painting.

Quick Canoe - plywood Canoe kit

We designed the boat to be assembled with duct tape temporarily while the inside seams are glued or glass taped.  This makes it very easy to assemble.

Building a Quick Canoe from Plywood.  Started one weekend, finished Thursday.

You can visit his site to order on these two pages depending on if you have plans already (Prices Sept 2010 and can change without notice)

Quick Canoe 155 kit including plan book with detailed instructions – $435

Quick Canoe 155 kit without plans if you have them already – $375

Prices are ex shipping.  You can pay through paypal using their own service or Mastercard or Visa.

The kit includes all the pine plywood cut accurately, all the timber trim with precut scarf joins where necessary, a simple jig for making sure the scarf joins are aligned correctly when glued and more.

Quick Canoe Plywood and Timber precut kit.

There are a number of options for glue and resin.

The highest quality construction, most foolproof and longest lasting  is gluing with epoxy resin.  John can supply an epoxy glue, glass tape and wood flour package for $99 click this link.

Alternatively there is a lower cost alternative of using polyester resin with 2″ (50mm) wide glass tape and a woodworking glue such as PL Premium or 3M 5200 which are available at local hardware stores.

I have modified the plans and John has modified the kit contents so that everything works together effectively.

He is still working on the website, but the commercial side is going very well with two kits sold before the website was really up and going.

I am pretty careful about who I work in with but I had good references from John from two sources.

John was introduced to me by Chuck at Duckworks, my USA agent.  I had a look at his website and found he has been a maker of after market boat bits for a long time.  Rudders, centreboards, tillers.

Also he does a lot of work for Performance Sailcraft the manufacturers of Laser Class sailboats.

There have been several of the Quick Canoes build now and you can see some photosets from different builders of the Plywood Quick Canoe  in different countries here.

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