Another Eureka Canoe built and some pics of very nice homemade paddles.

Well, I might be in the middle of the chaos of the Timber and Working with Wood Show in Adelaide but I have also received a CD of building photos of another Eureka Canoe.

I have to update this post later with the full details, but the boat is glorious – she is painted a dark blue which really sets off the timberwork!

The picture series is on Flickr here – I’ve been through and commented on them all.

The photo series also covers a few parts of the building process that haven’t been covered in detail before.

Nice pics of fitting the end deck substructure.

Nice detail shots of some small finishing items.

Good paddle building details – the plans for the paddles are free to download from my site.

The CD was accompanied by quite a long letter so I’ll be going through that and publishing relevant parts of that as well be updating this article with more of the details when I get a bit more time.

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One thought on “Another Eureka Canoe built and some pics of very nice homemade paddles.

  1. What a fantastic example of the Eureka. I’ve built one back in England. It puts my epoxy skills to shame. However I’ve yet to find a better looking and better handeling ride, all credit to the designer.