OzRacers and PD Racers Marching Around the World

PDRacers abuilding.

Well – winter is coming to an end and also it is some time since the Mk2 OZ PDR plan was launched.

So quite a few OZ PDRs are appearing around the world. At least as far as registered boats. The fleet in Australia is now a dozen. Not all OZ PDRs but almost so.

I do know of another 3 OZ in my hometown of Adelaide whose builders have not got round to registering – or just aren’t too worried about that side of things. So the registered numbers are less than those being built

The latest OZ PDR to be registered is Gyula Ferenzc’s in Romania, but they are appearing in strange and wonderful places.

To find out more about the OZ PDRacer – the best sailing version of the international class see the website.

AUSTRALIA (not the complete list – this is an update)
Peter Sutherland unnamed #129
Steve Clutterbuck “Arfa” #141 (see article)
Nick Foreman “I’m Quackers” #144
James Elcock “J2” #159
Dakota Jones “Passing Wind” #188 (see article)

Kelly Trafford – “Hammerhead” #183

Gyula Ferencz – “Rut Kiskacka” #184

Caleb Bornman – no name $170

Isiah Bornman – no name #164

Well it is not a full sized boat but a great thread discussing the virtues of the PDRacer – and photos of a bunch of models.

The Discussion is on the website of the main Russian boating magazine

The questions are the same in russian right down to being harrassed by the usual suspects – skiff sailors and catamaran sailors – about…

Why would you build a boat like THAT?

Only to have someone on the forum point out that

It’s the same cost as the jib on your catamaran, mate“.

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