Sailing OzRacer RV in rough water – simple boat with two adults

This OzRacer mk2  has a number of changes from the original design, but Bob has pulled it off.

OzRacer very simple sailboat in two versions.  Sails extremely well

The biggest risk is that the windsurfer mast might break because it is not meant to be supported in this way – it is meant to be held up higher by the arms of the sailor.

Additionally the most important aspect of sailing performance is to make sure the centre of the sail lines up with the centre of the centreboard.

However … Bob has been out in rough water a few times (see below) and well and truly gotten away with it!

The boat he has is the OzRacer mk2.  There is another version with more space in the cockpit called the OzRacer RV.

This is Bob’s report on sailing the boat.

Bob's OzRacer sailboat on launching day - a simple sailboat built from three sheets of plywood.

Thanks for the compliment. Since those pictures I have sailed extensively here in the Gulf of mexico! Yesterday We sailed 2 of us( I weight 190lbs and my female companion was 6 ft. 180. We got out and the wind went to 17knots with short 3 ft. waves.

She was on the floor in the rear and I was mid ships to front sailing with the push pull tiller and a 40 inch tiller extension. We kicked the winds !@$$# stayed dry and even during gusts never felt unstable!

Paddle stowage on OzRacer sailboat.  Simple plywood homebuilt boat.


Great design on this boat, thanks! I’ll take another picture or 2 to show you how I stored a paddle and small anchor. Also I replaced the rope on the top of the center board with shock cord and made a hook out of a pad eye so we can hold the board down but still have some flexibility when we hit shallow water. I even made a simply (Fred flintstone looking ) wheels that have a small spine that fits into the center board slot.

One last thing…We had a weird wind event here with a 91 mph 2 minute long gust! I woke up and found “breezy” 40 feet away against a concrete building support. Popped a hole in the side tank area of the hull (that I didn’t see) I went out sailing sailed for 1.5 hours came back in and decided to open the hatches on the side tanks and front tank. Well….. the one tank was 3/4 full of water! amazing it sailed so well.

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