Everything Lug rig and lug sail?

Thought I would try to put everything I have about balance lugs, standing lugs, their sails and to an extent lateens on one page.

These are all links to full articles.

Lateens are an interesting case … the deepest reef possible for a balance lug turns it into a lateen rig. One more reef will do it in this photo.

Goat island skiff john goodman in texas 200 mile event - storer boat plans

Basic lug setup with some budget for fancy fittings

Goat Island Skiff as example.

End boom sheeting arrangement on Goat Island Skiff: storerboatplans.com

Basic lug setup with no budget for fittings – Oz Goose as example

Step by step Guide


Rigging sailing boats made cheaper. storerboatplans.com

Telltale and leach ribbon positions for a lugsail

I had to play around … also an invaluable sailing for speed tip.

Fitting leach ribbons and telltales to a lugsail – where works?

What  is that crease in my lugsail?

Oz Goose sailboat simple and fast - storerboatplans

Simple to fix the crease from bottom end of the yard to the back of the boom on lugsails.

Where can I get a not too expensive lugsail or other sail?

Lugsails from ReallySimpleSails.com (that’s us too).

Affordable sails for Storer Boat Plans - Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, PDRacer, Ocean Explorer

Click here for stock sails – 89sq ft Lug suits Oz Goose and Oz Racer – 105sq ft lug for GIS and similar sized boats

Email me for custom sails

Five Knots needed for any sailboat including those with lug rigs – VIDEOS

Knots needed for Lug rigs and all other sailboats

Lug spar sizes and weights for different construction methods – actual measured

Article on Lug rig setup including measured historic weights and measured bends for different spar constructions.

Birdsmouth mast for Fenwick Williams Catboat built in Cedar strip: storerboatplans.com

The single biggest performance improvement on any sailboat rig is controlling sail twist

Controlling sail twist is almost the story of sailboat performance for the last  hundred years. A hundred years ago the balance lug was the predominate small boat performance rig where there was choice. Because it controls sail twist and the gaff rig doesn’t.

With the bermudan rig the need for controlling twist for best performance led to the boom vang, the full width traveller, vang sheeting and more.

But that is expensive … which is why we use the balance lug rig.

A big contribution from Brian Pearson or “Keyhavenpotterer” on this page.

Here are various methods from simple to complicated to control sail twist on lugsails. You do need some twist BTW, just not unconstrained twist.

better rigging for balance lug rigs - article on storerboats

Which side does the boom go on when going downwind and dynamic control of heel with the sheet on unstayed lug, gaff and lateen rigs

This is a well known high level method in racing. But it adds to the stability and control of our small (and much bigger) boats with unstayed masts. There’s a video of us changing the heel of the boat when running just my moving the sheet in and out.

Video of heeling control and the right way to goosewing the sail in a yawl or ketch.

Technique for racing of controlling heel on a run or broad reach with sheeting angle - storer boatplans
Lug Rigs from 100 years of development in the Lymington Scow Class Dinghy – 100 years of using balance lug rigs in weekly races.

You learn one or two things by sailing against other boats for 100 years.

We met Brian Pearson and nothing was the same about our lug rigs after that.

Brian Pearson showing us how to sail balance lug rigs in his Lymington Scow - storer boat plans

Reefing a balance lug sail

The time comes when there is too much sail.

Individual ties around the boom or bottom of the sail might be too fiddly – what about one line that does the lot?

Shamelessly stolen from the big racing yachts.

Reefing the balance lug, standing lug, lateen or  just about anything with one piece of line.

Boom or no boom on your sailboat … is the sacrifice worth it?

Boom or no boom on my lug sail boat

A no boom rig is very portable and easy to set up and stow. There are some sacrifices in performance and you never see a drop in performance from normal lugs on most boats when a boom is added.

Club racing a lug rig 1 – a Goat Island Skiff with conventional sailboats

A test that has been done. A midweek racing series gave us the beginning of a baseline for the GIS … about equal with a Laser Radial or  OK Dinghy.

Club racing a lug rigged Goat Island skiff against boats with jibs, bermudan rigs and spinnakers.

Club Racing a Lug Rig 2 – Beth Sailing canoe

Even more extreme … sailing a balance lug canoe YAWL against conventional sloop rigged dinghies.

Who said a mizzen was a really big handicap?

Who said a balance lug wouldn’t perform with modern sailing dinghies?

Beth sailing canoe heading upwind with yachts in the background. A lug rig can point.

How fast can a trad rig go 1?  … Arab Dhow coming unstuck Video

Arab Dhows start racing by hoisting their sails when the gun goes. They are also big and immensely fast.

And as you will see … boomless sails have rather high sheeting loads 🙂

Arab Dhow racing in the Open Class.

Traditional rigs. Not only elegant, but rather quick. storerboatplans.com

How fast can a trad rig go 2? 12ft Oz Goose go in a ridiculous wind

On this  day racing was cancelled and we had the rescue boats out. There’s a plot there showing a boatspeed of 18 knots for two seconds on one of my speed runs recorded by GPS. Lake is tideless freshwater in the Philippines.

And a video of a massive nosedive without problemson the same day… because the rig is easy to handle and the hull has no vices. A normal dinghy would spear off to left or right – note the goose has the tiller centralised.

Oz Goose at speed - around 11 knots. Record is 13.8 knots - storer boat plans

Low cost Lug rigs – putting 10 Oz Geese on the water for the price of importing one Laser Radial with spares.

We have learned a lot about keeping costs down in developing nations to boost participation rates in sailing. Yep .. that is  10 to 20 people on the water for the cost of a Laser .. or  30 for training all with good feel even in light winds.

Building sailing dinghy fleets in developing nations on a shoestring budget to increase participation in competitive sailing.

Oz Goose simple quick to build and quick to sail family sailboat. storerboatplans.com

What one of the UK’s top sailors thinks of the Goat Island Skiff and Lug Rig

Mike Macnamara has over 40 major dinghy racing championships under his belt. What does he think of the Goat Island Skiff and its lugsail and setup?

Sailmaker and many times dinghy sailing champion Mike McNamara reviews the Goat Island Skiff.

He also makes very nice sails for the Goat.

Goat Island skiff - tuning and setting up traditional sails

Rant on lugs and mizzens and stuff

What is the point of a mizzen? They have been declared to not be efficient, but as you can see above a sailing canoe yawl rigged can race against club Laser Radials.

Myths of Lugs and Mizzens

Goat island skiff john goodman in texas 200 mile event - storer boat plans

A very nice Goat Island Skiff video showing how they go relative to other boats in light to moderate winds.

This particular video of two Goats at the Small Reach Regatta is here
But also all Goat  Island Skiff Videos are here showing the lug rig.
All OzGoose and OzRacer  videos are here also showing the lug rig.






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