Kanangra Photos – BETH Sailing Canoe in South Australia

Duck Flat passed on some pics of one of the other Beths.
BETH Sailing Cano Plan Info Here.

Kanangra has some interesting painting details where most BETHs are painted or varnished one colour on the outside of the hull.

Kanangra Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Very shipshape and elegant.

The mainsail is hoisted just a little too high, normally the attachment point on the yard is halfway along. Sail should come down about 9 inches, reducing the heeling moment and the load on the mast. The boom also has to move about 9 inches further forward relative to the mast

See our lug rigging and setup pages here – possibly the best resource on the net.

Advantages of  BETH are the canoe shape is very easy for one person to handle unloading lugging and loading on shore (75lbs/34kg) compared to the weight and bulk of a sailing dinghy. That she is simple but fast, racing about equal with club level Laser Radials.

BETH is oriented to experienced sailors, though is quite sailable in light to moderate winds it takes small boat racing and handling experience to get the best out of her in higher medium and strong winds. And builders should have an expectation, the same as strong wind Laser sailing, of capsizing a couple  of times a day in stronger winds. Though If you are used to Lasers and other fast dinghies you will capsize her less frequently. And the physical side of sailing is much less as the narrow shape is less slowed by waves.

Varnish bow Kanangra Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

What a magnificent varnish job. Note the minimal deck gear – keeps the cost down without compromising performance

Good View of the Rudder Arrangement. I was worried there wouldn’t be much “feel” but it is more than adequate with low stretch lines with a little bit  of  pretension (not too much or  it adds too much friction to the system).

VArnish stern Kanangra Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Photo below I originally thought was Kanangra. But it Dennis Smith’s boat in Sydney. The simplicity of the layout is apparent. That boat is for sale and you can contact me if you are seriously interested (Oct 2017). Price should be around 3K.

Building Kanangra Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Shows some detail of the clean deck layout and the minimum of fittings.

In designing these box boats and simplified forms It is quite amazing how just the right amount of sheer and deck camber disguises the box shape of the hull. That’s something I work hard at. So that simple to build boxy boats look very Trad on the water.

Painted bottom and boot top line Kanangra Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Painting red bottom white boot top with varnish topside Kanangra Beth sailing Canoe lug rig - storer boat plans

My Beth in Canberra, Australia. Put it on the water and the chine almost disappears from sight but still allows the bow and stern a nice aggressive look.

Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

And the grin as you pass other boats reputed to be quick around a racecourse is fun too. Andy’s boat in British Columbia.

Beth sailing canoe heading upwind with yachts in the background. A lug rig can point.

Here is a report from British Columbia about a Beth being club raced

Beth in Poland.


Dave’s  BETH in LA.

Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Robert Hoffman’s Beth in Poland: Yuan Fen (means similar to Kismet).

Beth sailing canoe Poland - easy to roof rack

Beth sailing canoe in Poland. Trolley for  canoe

Canoe trolley Beth sailing canoe Poland - easy to roof rack

And Robert’s BETH sailing

Beth sailing canoe Poland - easy to roof rack

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