But what to do about the vegemite?

Michael Storer‘s  bag is too heavy.  Will he have to ditch the vegemite?  Even now he knows it may not be enough for part of the trip.

So Guys, comms will get a bit shaky from here on in, however I plan to see lots of interesting boaty and other things so will post a lot of pics and write about them for you to have a look at.

Most gaps will just be glitches of one or two days, but there is one stretch where I am out of contact for almost a weeeeeeek.

Let me calculate …. that means about 45 important emails I have to answer when I get back to civilisation!!!  Not to mention about 150 posts on the PDRacer forum and another 200 here.

But now I will check for anything important on my storerboats forum

Cheers to all

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