First Day in San Francisco and Goats tomorrow.

Plane ended up being a couple of hours late leaving sydney.

All pics are in the slideshow at the page bottom

But fine flight otherwise. I am a happy Sinophile as my hotel is exactly beside the Chinatown gate. That is it on the left.

On the plane there was a mechandising magazine. Had everything from shoes with 2″ long spikes so you can aerate the lawn (presumably without crossing any concrete – imagine doing a whole quarter acre block – geez you would be fit) right through to a fibreglass statue of liberty that you can put cover your water meter with.

Oh, did i mention the device to prevent your dog from scratching the door … YES a doggie doorbell available in bright colours for you colourblind dog. I guess all these whacky ideas won’t work in OZ because our market is not big enough.

Liked these in a Chinatown window. I wake with a little alarm each morning.

SF makes a specialty of classy bicycles, very impressed with the quality, and older people using skateboards and …

Saw the famous bridge.

And walked back through Chinatown where you can buy the set on the right. Matching Mother, Daughter and Tablecloths.

I am a little addicted to Martial Arts films, so assume the husband can fight of the local triads while mother and daughter can disguise themselves by lying on the tables.

Tomorrow catchin up with Oly from the PDRacer US forum who is a lovely chap. We will be meeting at the SF Maritime Museum.  Ed Cavanagh just contacted me to remind me that the “” youth group built a Red Goat Island Skiff at the Hyde St Pier, just a five minute walk from the Museum.

How cool!


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