BETH Sailing Canoe for sale – Narrabeen Lakes, Australia

This BETH sailing canoe in Sydney is currently for  sale for a modest price.

Clean looks and quick rigging - Balance lug yawl Beth Sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

From Dennis… (Italics are Dennis)

HI Michael

I still have Beth she was for sale with Duck Flat for a couple of years,didn’t get much interest and she is in storage at the moment so yes if you would list her for sale that would be very handy. Thank you.

I wrote a comment on your, then, forum, quite a while ago – – – people don’t know what they are missing. Here is a boat that sails particularly well very quick to rig and very inexpensive to build. – – –

Beth information and plans info here.

Sailing Experience Needed

Clean cockpit Balance lug yawl Beth Sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

I guess however a bit of sailing experience is needed and that is something a lot of first time builders don’t have. Thanks again this time for designing Beth. I was lucky in living across the road from Narrabeen Lake most of my life and so could sail Beth after work two or three times a week, Beth was the most used boat I have ever had.

Easy to trolley or roofrack Balance lug yawl Beth Sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Down sized a few years ago and now have a storage problem. I look forward to the beth article Beth on your Facebook site (Dennis’s shed while building Beth and now gone with downsizing)

Building Kanangra Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

The other Beth I remember seeing was the man in Poland and his Beth appears on facebook from time to time. He seems to enjoy his as much as I did mine.

Advantages of a short rudder on a hull with few vices

Shallow draft rudder Beth Sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Another thing I loved about Beth was the short rudder from memory there were two sizes for the rudder, I used the shortest and as soon as Beth was in the water with nose on the beach the rudder went on and when the sail went up she was instantly ready to go.

Beth Sailing Canoe for Sale

Beth Sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

Beth has had a few bumps from storage but in general is in goodish condition.

I guess I am looking for over $1200 (Which is a total bargain – replacement cost with sails would be around 2500), or if you have suggestions on price !!!

I would like to do something with it soon, I will be seventy years old later this year and my kids have no interest in sailing or boats.

12ft Goat Not Available – look at Viola or Oz Goose.

However I am still very much interested in boats and can’t stop looking at the drawing of the 12 ft goat from long ago. I would like to do a one off.

(We are directing people toward the Oz Goose or the upcoming Viola 14 wide sailing canoe).

Viola 14 Sailing Canoe – the story of the development of the Viola Sailing Canoe is on Facebook and we have tested three sailing rigs on the prototype – Lug, and two laminate sail sizes. It has also been raced in the Netherlands. Plans are in the works soon. This is an easy to sail dinghy style sailing canoe. We imagine it suiting dinghy sailors tired of roofracking heavy boats – 80lb hull.

Viola 14 sailing canoe - half the weight of a Laser - storer boat plans

OzGoose 12ft Dinghy

Oz Goose sail boat race fleet on Taal Lake.. There is a second fleet in Cebu. - storer boat plans

Dennis continues:

I don’t need full plans just the shape of the bottom and the bottom heights,spring, whatever and where the mast and centre case go. I can build it over a form and scale the topsides from the drawing on the net. Happy to pay for bottom plans plus pay to use the drawing from the net. I will keep it off Facebook If you like. I seem remember there was seventy thousand visitors on the old forum site so there would be lots of questions.

This will be a sailing boat only no small motor or oars involved.With the short bottom the performance won’t match the much longer GIS and this does.nt worry me at all I just want a good looking small lug rigged boat to sail around in the local waterways.

Have had a lot of experience building light boats, moths, sixteen foot skiffs.

I have room to store a 12 footer in my garage and also have a six year old granddaughter who loves boats and water and it is time to get her addicted, son of goat will give her plenty of room to move around grab ropes and maybe even the tiller.

I’m Suggesting the Goose or Viola Canoe to Dennis.

Also I remember an article you wrote about back in the forum days about making buoyancy bags. I use dry bags from camping stores, they re cheep, starting at $15 but need your valve system or the good Germain ones no valves needed, strong enough to use as boat rollers for canoes and kayaks.

Cheers Dennis.

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