Quick Canoe – two weekends work and a handsome light small boat

Yes … you can even make it a sailing canoe with or without outrigger hulls.

QUICK CANOE 155 – A simple plywood canoe plan – Plans $30

Length – 4.7m (15ft 6ins)
Beam – 0.83m (33ins)
Hull Weight – 23kg (45lbs)
Draft – 0.100m, (4″)

Three sheets of 6mm (1/4″) Plywood.

A labor saving innovation allows the filleting or glassing of  a clean interior with no stitches in the way.

arthur heading off for 2 weeks in missouri. Quick Canoe builds in a couple of weekends. Cheaper than hiring! storer boat plans

I built the QC (photo above) for this trip last year, and have used it extensively in lakes since that time. Definitely gets scuffed up with the rocky bottom of our local rivers, but things are better since I capped the keel with a strip of aluminum. .

I cannot pass a single other person on the river without great compliments about my “beautiful wooden canoe”!

Despite being so simple … it looks just right on the water as you can see from the photos.

See my page on choosing between the Quick Canoe and the Classic Eureka Canoe

The photo below shows two Quick Canoes a group of us built in France immediately before paddling and camping our way down the Loire River for a week.

The fastest building and best paddling super simple canoe?

It fills a gap that our classic Eureka plywood Canoe doesn’t cover.  The Eureka is a pretty canoe that is easy to build and paddles very nicely.  It builds quickly over a couple of weeks if you can work full time, but with the Quick Canoe we were thinking of something possible to whack together in a weekend.

Eureka Left and Quick Canoe Right.

How to choose between our fast build Quick Canoes and our Classic Eureka Canoes.

Two canoes. Simple and Classic. How to choose. storerboatplans.com

Quick Canoe 155 was built in 4.5 hours: storerboatplans.com

Original name was the “disposable” canoe. It has been renamed the more salubrious “Quick Canoe”.  I quite liked the name of “Disposable Canoe” but I agreed with the critique that it hinted at something that was poor quality rather than simple and Easy.

Our Drop in outriggers that fit almost any canoe are quite suitable for the Quick Canoes. They fit the Eureka too but with a flatter crossbeam curve. It is also the basis for a quick sailing rig.Drop in outriggers for excellent sailing ability or a stable fishing or diving platform. No component weighs more than 10lbs. storerboatplans.com

It could have been the EasyCanoe, but that name was already taken.

Plywood DIY canoe looks good on the beach.

The Quick Canoe series has been designed to be as easy to build as possible while keeping some of the qualities of a good paddling canoe – in particular the ability to track.  It is not designed to be the BEST canoe, but the SIMPLEST plywood canoe that was FASTEST to build without being too bad on the water rather than going the best paddling  canoe we could do as represented by the Eureka.

Here is a six minute clip on the building.method


It includes the standard paddling canoe and also the Quick Canoe Electric which is a cargo canoe designed to take an electric trolling motor.

The Quick Canoes even work well with our Drop In Sailing Rig.

Quick Canoe sails with our drop in Sailing Rig. storerboatplans.com



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