Perttu in Finland takes his cheap plywood Quick Canoe on a river trip – Videos

Perttu in Finland is at it again!

We are in late autumn here in OZ, but he has used a wonderful Finnish spring day to head off down a river in his “Quick Canoe”.

From Perttu

I placed the seats 19cm+padding from bottom and for us they are perfeckt now.

Cheap and easy to build plywood canoe plan - downriver trip

We just came paddling from river haapajoki. Well we found that we aren´t pros, but it was fun and canoe was perfeckt. It was light to carry over obstacles and easy to paddle. We hit once into rock, but there came barely no damage att all.

Simple plywood canoe beside a river in Finland

I am glad that we don´t have alligators here!

Lunch by the river in Finland.  Cheap Plywood Canoe plan.

here are the rest of the photos :
Photo set on Flickr of a downriver trip in Finland in a plywood Quick Canoe

Going home - plywood Quick Canoe on roofracks.

and some videos : (the first is little over long and you can see that we are novice paddlers in the end)

It might be an 9 minute clip, but we don’t have rivers like that in Australia … what great fun!

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3 thoughts on “Perttu in Finland takes his cheap plywood Quick Canoe on a river trip – Videos

  1. Nemo of the never ending dory says:


    About not having rivers like that.
    My 55 year memory says that the Genoa river in eastern Gippsland is a bit like that and it also has old fossils, ie dinosaur footprints, and new fossils, ie Ted Dexter, along its banks.


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