Goat Island Skiff Sailing Boat Calendar is out for 2013

Every year the Goat Island Skiff group on facebook puts out its art calendar.

Introducing the Sailing Calendar for 2013.  It can be ordered direct from Cafepress and the calendar part is updated every year.  So If you order it in 2015 the images and labels will be from 2013 but the calendar will be current.

Same for the 2012 Calendar.

The cover is from Port Townsend, Washington State

Goat Island Skiff Sailing Boat Calendar


And here is George’s boat in the English RAID event raft up.

We selected from about 50 photos that had been submitted through the year.  We and anybody else who wanted to  on Facebook to find the best photos and … presto … a Calendar on art paper.

There”s a mug with the cover photo put out every year as well – its just for fun – we sell about 5 at cost price.

Goat island skiff sailing boat mug with calendar photo 2013


David Graybeal boatbuilder and repairer in Portland, Oregon did this with his 2012 Calendar

Goat Island Skiff Calendar images used to decorate study


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