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Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Adelaide Australia are changing their focus

Sadly Duck Flat Wooden boats are no longer handling my plans. All other agencies are unaffected. Duck Flat Wooden Boats have done great work supporting my plans for almost 30 years but have decided to shift their focus to their beautiful restorations.

Plans as Download/Email PDF files are available from Duckworks USA

For the moment the wonderful people at Duckworks will sell Storer boat plans to Australia too. Duck Plans for canoes, sailboats, fishing boats, the Taal SUP and the whole range of Storer Boat plans.

Plans as books can be purchased from BoatCraft Pacific.

They have most of the range as of the middle of March, but their webpage needs updating.

Duck Flat Boat Kits

Duck Flat did kits for the Eureka Canoe, Quick Canoe, OzRacers, Goat Island Skiff and others. If you want a kit I can probably find someone to do it for you.

What are Duck Flat’s plans with Wooden Boats now?

Duck Flat have decided to focus on their growing area of boat restorations. We wish them the best with the continuation of this work.

This is a Dragon class yacht they restored last year. Lovely work. They also are regularly repairing and restoring classic runabouts and running boatbuilding classes.

Duck Flat Wooden Boats Adelaide Australia

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