FAQ Boat Building Repairs & Restoration – Plywood, Epoxy, Fibreglass, Cedar Strip

FAQ – scroll down for information on Epoxy, Timber, Building methods, saving money, sailing, maintenance, repair.

Also see the OZ PD Racer FAQ and the NEW Storerboats Forum for info on

  • Modern wood/epoxy boatbuilding
  • Lightweight boatbuilding
  • Performance decisions in boatbuilding/design
  • Plywood grades
  • An overview of using carbon fibre and much more

Why Epoxy is Good for boatbuilding – Prevents Rot, Gapfilling, Good Adhesion

Glues – Epoxy vs Resorcinol – short answer
Glassing – Epoxy Resin vs Polyester Resin – short answer
Preventing Rot Pt 1 – The Good, the Bad and the Fugly
Preventing Rot Pt 2 – Epoxies that “soak in”
Eliminating Screws and other Fasteners – save money and do a better job

Are 1 to 1 (1:1) Epoxys any good for boatbuilding

Using Epoxy – Fibreglassing, Glass taping, Glues and Gluing, Coating, Teak Decks, Rot.

Fibreglassing 1 – small areas – eg fibreglassing chines or joins between hull panels
Fibreglassing 2 – double bias tapes and glassing small complex areas
Fibreglassing 3 – bigger areas – centreboards, rudders, leeboards, keels and larger hull areas
Saving Labour by precoating plywood sheets with epoxy

Fast, clean and accurate application of epoxy glue using snap lock plastic bags (better than piping icing)
Labour and material saving with epoxy
Painting and Varnishing Advice
Incase you have been hiding under a rock – cordless drills for timber structure assembly
Using Sikaflex and Epoxy for Teak Decks over Ply
Why is the epoxy still soft?  Epoxy curing problems
What is the best way of preparing timber for gluing or fiberglassing – sand or plane
A lightbox to keep epoxy warm so it spreads easily and pumps well in cold weather
FAQ section on gluing endgrain in joints and scarfs

Boat repair methods – there is a lot of information in the other sections as well

Fast, easy boat repairs because of eliminating fasteners from the building process.
Fixing up an old Plywood Racing Dinghy – version 1
Fixing up an old Plywood racing Dinghy – International Cadet – detailed version 2
Fixing up an old Plywood racing dinghy – short – Mirror dinghy (plywood/glass taped seams) – version 3
Removing OIL and DIESEL that has soaked into Timber

Why I hate Silicon sealant
USL Code for finding sizes of timber parts of older boats
Selecting timbers to build a canoe in Australia.  Paulownia, Jarrah, Cedar – good or bad

Building methods – general non epoxy related – cedar strip, decks, lightweight timber

Torture Boards – how to get cedar strip smooth
Joining Deck Plywood – a bad method and the proper method
Lightweight timber for lightweight boats – Paulownia (Kirri)

Design and Plan Stuff – Changing designs, Birdmouth spars, Dory, Impact and Collision

Crimes agains boatbuilding and boat design – is it OK to shrink or extend a boat in this plan – and a case study
Old designs (Hartley etc) vs Modern Designs (epoxy technology)
How the plans business works and, perhaps, how to use it to your advantage
Birdsmouth Spars – butt joints or scarf joints?
Is it sensible to design a lightweight plywood Dory for rowing or sailing?
Building cedar strip boats strong enough to take impact – canoes and sea kayaks and beach landings
Canoe Design – features of plywood, strip planked, fibreglass canoes and sailing and paddling canoes

Racing Boats, Using Boats, Boat Safety, Boat Tuning including Lug and Sprit Sails

Learn to sail – choosing a first boat
Why wearing lifejackets is essential – and how to get kids to wear their lifejackets!!!
Setting up lugsail and spritsail rigs (also lateen sails) for excellent performance – focus on balance lugs.
Racing Sailing Dinghies and Yachts – the low stress way of doing very well !?!

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